UPS iPhone App

So here’s the story, someone just purchased an item on Amazon and it will ship with UPS. All they want to know is – “When am I going to receive my package” – right? This is the ultimate goal here, and it seems so simple. Yes, they do make it easy to track your package online these days, you receive an email, click the link, and it will show up in your web browser right away to see the status of your package. But if you want a better user experience and more control with more options at your “fingertips,” you would want to download and use the app instead. Here’s where myself and the team at T3 got introduced to the challenges we needed to solve, and the thinking process got started on how to create the best user experience in an app, tailored around the UPS product “UPS My Choice”.

In the end, we were awarded with “the Top 50 Free Business App, over 1 million downloads and #1 Free App” – the week of launch.

Home Screen

Login Screen

Delivery Planner

Tracking Details

UX & Design

Designing an app presents a whole lot of different challenges than, for example a website. You are creating more of an interface, and the way the user navigates is by tapping and swiping, something that we all have become so accustomed to by now, but it is not something that the average user probably pays that much attention to. If it is done right, it will just flow naturally, being barely noticed, and will not get in front of the overall user experience. We know it would be crucial for the UX and Design team to collaborate very closely on this project for this to be as successful as possible. And collaborated we did. There was a lot of huddles, white boarding and quick prototyping going on until we arrived at the final product.

Here are some examples of our user flow wire frames that ultimately led to the final design. We had to solve for numerous user scenarious which amounted to hundereds of pages of complex interactions.

To give an idea, seen here are the user flows for Log In / Forgot Password and Preferences: Add Upcoming Vacation