UPS iPad App

The UPS iPad app, although similar in functionality to the UPS iPhone app, presented our UX and design team with slightly different challenges. The great thing about the iPad is that we have more “real estate” – a larger screen size – which gives us more room to play with. We are still promoting and utilizing the “UPS My Choice” product and services, but we can push the user experience further. Naturally, the first thing that came to mind was the use of a map, and the ability to track a package along the way to it’s final destination.

In the end, we were awarded with “the Top 50 Free Business App, over 1 million downloads and #1 Free App” – the week of launch.

UX & Design

Designing an app for the iPad presents slightly different usability challenges than designing for the iPhone. Here, because of the larger screen “real estate,” we have more room for advanced user interaction such as “swipe” and “pinch to enlarge” techniques, just to name a few. Again, the collaboration between the UX and the visual Design team was crucial to achieve the best user experience and to take full advantage of the cool features of the iPad.

UX Flow Example: Deliver to Another Address

Step 1. Tracking Details: Delivery Options

Step 2. Deliver to Another Address

Step 3. Select Payment Method

Step 4. Add a One Time Payment

Step 5. Verify and Submit

Step 6. Deliver to Another Address Confirmation

Comprehensive Design & Interaction Guidelines

In order to aide future developers maintain the design integrity of the app, a comprehensive design and interactions guide was developed. The guide outlines all aspects of the UI elements, including; typography, layout pixel dimensions, interactions, panel transitions, buttons and status icons. Here are a some page excerpts from the guide.