Tiffany & Co High-Net-Worth Campaign

As creative director, working at HNW – a New York based agency focused on marketing that targets high-net-worth individuals, my creative team and I got the assignment to develop a campaign aimed at inviting this small group of consumers to become members of the exclusive Tiffany & Co Legend club. A strategy was developed targeting 4 different consumer groups within the spectrum of high-net-worth individuals. We had to produce 4 slightly different campaigns and ended up creating inspirational stories that was used as a backdrop to the main message which had the incentive to “recruit” new members into this exclusive club of the select few. The invitation would be sent out in a very high-end styled box together with a sleek brochure for inspiration including a personalized membership card that the recipient could use to activate their membership account on the website.


Multiple Target Audiences within the High-Net-Worth Spectrum

A high-end box was delivered to the consumer with the incentive to sign up on the website.