MCA Public Relations Site

MCA Public Relations, a PR agency specializing in local, regional and national media relations in the Hospitality, Retail and Wellness industries. Located in Dallas, Austin and Texas, MCA was in the need of a website refresh and wanted to refine their brand online to better reflect who they are and what they do. The agency, also wanted to improve their search engine visibility (SEO), and to ensure their new website would work across different devices. Lindstrom Studio, run by Andreas Lindstrom, was engaged for the re-design and the creation of the new branded website. Naturally the site had to be responsive, and MCA wanted to be able to manage some of their own content so WordPress seemed like a natural choice. A brand strategy was created and the content needed to be fine-tuned to better serve the SEO effort. The result is a client friendly, modern, fully responsive new website where MCA can gain more exposure online, introduce themselves to potential clients and continue to put on “display” the great PR work they do for their clients.

Homepage: Introduction, up-front branding + high-level expertise.

The homepage features a minimalistic design, and to set up the new brand we wanted to use impactful large images pulled from some of the best work MCA has done for their clients.

A bit further down the page, laid out in a minimal design, the visitor can learn more about what MCA “does best” by interacting with the boxes to dive deeper into the site.

MCA wanted to make it super easy for potential clients to "get in touch" to connect, so a contact form was prominently placed at the bottom of the homepage.

Lower Level Sections

The Newsroom page features select “Earned Free Media” editorials for television, video, online and magazine articles to demonstrate what MCA does for their clients.

To further explain their specialty, the Our Work page displays a selection of MCA’s latest case studies.